Jesus’ Home: African Refugee in Istanbul

Isa (Jesus) is an African Refugee living on the margins in one of Istanbul’s toughest slums, Tarlabaşı. Listen as he describes his and fellow African Refugees’ lives.


by Sean David Hobbs and H.firouzeh

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H.firouzeh is a freelance photographer based in Istanbul.

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  1. Stacey Porter söylüyor:

    His English is quite good but I think you could still stand to put in some subtitles. He is a bit difficult to understand in places and there are small sound problems. Also, this left me curious about the circumstances of his exile. What country is he from? Which conflict? On what side of which conflict did he and his brother find himself that necessitates fleeing the continent? Where does it stand now, and what are his thoughts/plans about returning? What is the fate of his people there?

    • Sean David Hobbs söylüyor:

      These are some great questions Stacey and thank you for making them. He is from Sierra Leone. Regarding the conflict I know some things about it but I need to confirm more. I will do this and get back to you and the websites this weekend. Please keep reading as we will be putting up a lot more on this topic and others! Thank you for your support.

  2. ruby söylüyor:

    i read your story. i am amazed to read it.

  3. ruby söylüyor:

    Hi Sean This is Cookie. Can clothes be mailed to you? To help out.

    • Sean David Hobbs söylüyor:

      Hi Cookie, good to hear from you. Clothes are hard to send internationally because international shipping expenses are very high. I do know of one very good support associations that works with Refugees in Turkey called Şefkat Der (which means Compassion Association). If you want to send financial support I can get you contact information.

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